Sunday, December 27, 2015

Why I went to Africa

My oldest son and I just got back from a 10 day visit to Africa.  It was an amazing visit.  We didn't go to do missions or to sight see.  Nor, did we go to visit our friends or vacation.  This visit was an important visit for our family. We hoped for some clarity and direction from God on this visit, and He did not disappoint! You see, The Lord has called us to live in Africa, Uganda specifically.  That's right, we're moving to Africa!!!  We don't have a specific time yet.  There are a couple contingencies that have to fall into place first, but we are already in the process of getting rid of things and planning to put our home on the market in a couple weeks. (anyone needing to buy any furniture or a house??) While in Africa, we were able to pick out some simple furnishings for our homes that will need to be made such as bunk beds and a kitchen table, as well as look around Uganda to get a better idea about what to take and what to leave behind.  It was a very productive trip.  We were able to take care of a lot of house keeping tasks with the added bonus of falling in love with Uganda, The Pearl of Africa!  We will be joining our friends, who are already there , The Sweazy's-from America and The Ssemanda's-Ugandan natives and our friends The Stierle's who will be moving over in March 2016!  We will be a church plant of Followers of the Way Boston called Followers of the Way-Kampala.  We are so excited and we ask you to pray with us.  I hope to follow up soon and answer some questions that our family and friends have.  Until then....

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Followers of the Way - Kampala and Boston

this was our crew in Africa

at Mirembe Girl's Home 

Cole playing with Children at The Disability Center 

At the Sonrise Baby Home


  1. Hi sister Kristen, very well written and heart moving. I will continue to keep yall in prayer. I know Cole has a big day coming up soon that can bring anxiety for a young man, and so keeping him in prayer. Very excited about the heart yall are putting in motion. Maranatha... come Lord Jesus! Much love to you all! Brett

  2. Prayers for you and your family during this exciting time.

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  4. So exciting to see your blog up, Kristen! Very well done. Praying for you always.